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Our Founders

Bishop Milton and Frances Perry are the founders of Faith Tabernacle Apostolic Church of God in Mobile, AL. After getting married on April 21,1966, they both decided to give their lives to Christ Jesus in the summer of 1967. Soon after, Bishop Milton Perry accepted the call to Ministry. He received his minister's and elder's license under the leadership of Bishop W.T. Phillips. He attended Daniel Payne Theological Seminary. Upon graduation, he received his degree and was assigned to be assistant to the Pastor. His first pastorate was in Los Angeles, CA in 1973, where they remained before returning to Mobile in 1980. By faith, Faith Tabernacle began July 1981 when Bishop Milton Perry Sr. received a vision from God, that he would lead and guide him to a place to begin his work. By faith, Bishop started seeking. He hit the hedges and highways believing God would lead him to the place. By, faith, Faith C.O.G was dedicated March 22, 1981. Bishop and Elder Frances worked diligent during the work of the ministry preaching, teaching and doing the will of God. During the course of their marriage God blessed them with five chlidren. All the way up untill his passing on December 24, 2011, Bishop Perry was a faithful and willing servant of the Lord. Elder Frances Perry continue to serve the Lord with her preaching, teaching and leading the choir at every service in praise and worship.

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